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Electrical Infra

Our electrical installation services cover a spectrum of activities, from low-tension (LT) to high-tension (HT) installations. We specialize in electrical system design, installation, and maintenance for various applications. This includes power distribution systems, lighting solutions, control systems, and energy-efficient electrical installations. Our team ensures compliance with safety standards and reliable performance.

Comprehensive Electrical Solutions

Prime Services Infra Tech Private Limited offers a full spectrum of electrical services, from LT to HT installations, ensuring a one-stop solution for diverse electrical needs.

Expert Design and Installation

Rely on our specialized team for expert electrical system design, meticulous installation, and efficient maintenance, guaranteeing optimal performance.

Safety Compliance

We prioritize safety with strict adherence to industry standards, ensuring all electrical installations meet safety regulations for the well-being of your environment.

Energy Efficiency

Our commitment to sustainable practices is evident in the implementation of energy-efficient electrical solutions, contributing to environmental responsibility and cost-effectiveness.