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Scope of Work

Laying of MP/LP  (Pipeline),  GI (WeIded  and  Threaded)  Installation  of SR,  Regulating  Stations,  Gas  Dieter, Copper Tube, Rubber  Hose, Valves  etc. for providing  Piped natural  Gas inside  the Kitchen for  Domestic, Non Domestic Customers in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai.


MP (Medium Pressure  PE Pipeline): Medium  pressure  PE pipeline on roads  of Government .  Municipal Authorities, Private Roads with Temporary Reinstatement (of Municipal roads other than private Roads) from DRS to upstream of Service Regulator.

Road Crossings

Laying of   Medium pressure  PE  pipeline  on  roads  of  Government  /  Municipal Authorities  as per the  scope  of work  detailed under  Volume  I  and   Appendix  enclosed  under  Volume II of III  (through  RCC   hume pipe  —  to be  supplied  by  contractor)  with  temporary  reinstatement 

LP ( Low Pressure PE Pipeline)

In building /residential areas up to 90 k4M Pipe Diameter, Charges for laying of Low Pressure line on Private reads (i.e., either than roads of Government / Municipai authorities) excavated by the contractor.

GI Risers (Threaded)

GI  Pipe (Threaded)   Use  of  Electrical  Resistance  Welded  (ERW)  Galvanized Iron (GI) pipes of  Heavy   or medium  Class up  to  4  /‘l,’2””   using PETZL  system  (including  arrangement  for Plumber  rescue  system  as per the  requirement)  for installation of  new risers, extensions  of existing risers as per scope of work  detailed under   Volume I,  MGL code of  Practice,  Technical  specifications &  Drawings  enclosed under Volume   II  of III”.

GI Risers (Welded)

GI Pipe (Welded):  Use of Electrical Resistance Welded  (ERW) Galvanized Iron (GI) pipe-s of Heavy class up to  1″”  using PETZL system (including arrangement  for Plumber rescue system as per the requirement) for installation of new risers, extensions  of existing risers as per the scope of work detailed Technical specifications & Drawings  enclosed  under Volume  II of III”